$ 3,700.00 USD

Nikon's full-frame D810 has raised the bar of what we should expect from a DSLR and we've created a housing to match.  The NA-D810 Housing for Nikon's 36.3 megapixel D810. NA-D810 is the first underwater housing for Nikon D810 to be shown publicly. Nauticam once again leads the industry by delivering this superior system less than 6 weeks from the initial camera ship date.


Depth Rating 100m
Weight 2.9kg
Dimensions 350mm (W) × 208mm (H) × 134mm (D)
Port Opening N120



The D810 comes from the refinement and merging of the D800 and the D800E.  The D810 maintains the same 36.3MP resolution from its revered predecessors, yet features a newly designed FX-format CMOS sensor that sees the complete removal of the optical low-pass filter (OLPF) from its design.  This results in increased measured resolution, allowing D810 to fully realize the benefit of its 36 million pixels.  This, combined with a new EXPEED 4 image processor, autofocus inherited from the D4S pro body, better battery life, and improved video shooting functionality make this a significant improvement on the best DSLR body available today.

Nikon D810 Key Specifications

  • 36.3 Megapixel FX CMOS Sensor

  • No optical low pass filter (OLPF)

  • 5fps in FX Mode and 6fps in 1.2x & DX Crop Modes

  • ISO 64-12,800

  • CAM 3500 FX Autofocus System with Group AF (51 points with 3d tracking, new Group AF mode introduced in tge D4s for improved focus tracking)

  • Auto ISO in Manual Exposure while shooting video with Exposure Compensation (a great way to enable seamless exposure transitions while recording video)

  • Custom and “spot” white balance (spot white balance will make it easier to get accurate WB underwater)

  • Highlight-weighted metering (new in camera metering mode to fully utilize camera’s wide dynamic range to deliberately underexpose for highlights)

  • 100% optical viewfinder coverage (composition without guesswork)

  • 1 SD and 1 CF Card Slot (high storage capacity with redundancy)

  • Built-in popup flash (usable with fiber optic strobe systems for accurate TTL automatic flash exposure)

  • 1/320th second optical flash sync (for high contrast scenes like sun-balls)

  • Video with 1080P at 60fps

  • Cean output over HDMI for external recording (allows up to 220mb/s ProRes 422 HQ recording with Atomos Ninja2 in a Nauticam housing)

  • New flat picture mode (professional level standard for post processing flexibility)


The NA-D810 is an evolutionary marvel. A long list of pioneering engineering breakthroughs from previous Nauticam designs are now standard in NA-D810. The patented housing Locking Latch System has received acclaim worldwide for its ease and functionality. These recessed latches are equipped with safety locks, reduce bulk and require minimal physical effort to engage and release. Port changes have never been simpler than utilizing the Patented Nauticam Locking Port Release. No wrestling, no twisting, no misalignment – just seat and lock. Lens changes are also easily accomplished without removing the camera from the housing using the lens release button logically accessed on the housing front. The lightweight, rugged Nauticam handles are generously contoured with a durable over-mold process of comfortable non-slip rubber. The vacuum monitoring and leak detection circuit provides peace of mind by enabling the user to ensure that their housing is water tight before entering the water.

The NA-810 is a shining example of the best that Nauticam has to offer. Every control placement is well thought out. Every button, lever and switch considered not in terms of what is easier for the designer, but what is right for the shooter. An excellent example is the patent pending Multi Controller Pad that is located within easy reach of the right thumb. The device virtually recreates the Nikon multi selector on the back of the NA-810 housing allowing full multidirectional use of this powerful tool (including diagonal movement). No other manufacturer has this. Camera loading is "drop in" simple, with no controls requiring pre-alignment, allowing the fastest and easiest setup possible.

Core camera controls such as shutter release, aperture, shutter speed, live view, info, exposure compensation, depth of field preview, Fn, flash exposure compensation, focus mode, AF/M and zoom are located at the user's fingertips. Dual thumb levers, located on the right and left sides of NA-D810 pull important camera functionality from the back of the housing out to the handles. This allows quick access to Video Record, AF-ON (for thumb activated focus), ISO and Image Playback. Complete control of the camera is available from the ergonomic rubberized handles.


The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is shipped with NA-1DXII as standard equipment. Combined with an accessory vacuum valve (PN 25625), this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple color coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur.

The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.