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Ocean Reef COVID-19 Adapter

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Oceanreef has created an emergency adapter system for converting the Oceanreef Aria Snorkel Mask. This modification will allow your existing snorkel full face mask to function as a safe breathing device while on the surface. 

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What OceanReefGroup has done/is doing

In the beginning of March, they deposited an international Patent through their Italian company Mestel Safety, part of the OceanReefGroup, whom, under the brand OCEAN REEF manufactures full face masks for snorkeling and scuba purposes and through the brand Safety Protection Equipment, manufactures gas masks. 

The Patent is for an adapter to connect any full face snorkeling mask to filters with the aim of transforming the snorkeling mask, into a personal protection mask. OCEAN REEF has not completed testing & certification process yet. The news of this adaptor, sparked an overwhelming demand.

Understanding the emergency is at its peak, OceanReefGroup has decided to open up possibilities for others to benefit from our Patent and designs and technical knowledge developed. 

Distinguishing between institutions/universities/hospitals and other non-for profit entities that can adapt our technology to their uses and possibly 3D print small quantities of adaptors and bigger entities whom might want to further develop, manufacture and scale our idea on a commercial basis, we are available to support and share with you our knowledge. Through links below, according to the different categories, you may get in contact with us. Institutions/universities/hospitals and other non-for profit entities will enjoy license for free, of one or more of our designs.

Please Note: There are no returns or exchanges on Ocean Reef COVID-19 Adapters or Filters during the current pandemic. We apologize for any inconvenience.