$ 548.00 USD


Hydroformed Barrel with "Cuttlefish" Profile

Gun produced using “Hydroforming” technology with a “cuttlefish bone” shape. Features the Cayman handle. The Camu3D camouflage finish is created by heat-transfer, which is highly resistant.

New Caymam Camu 3D version, designed for the most demanding spearos and to catch very important preys. It features a new 3-holed open muzzle and is provided with series of three Performer2 – 14 mm circular rubbers with Dyneema® wishbone. It comes ready to use equipped with Match 50 reel with line and 6,5mm s. steel America shaft, shark finned and dark finish. This version is available in sizes 75, 90, 100, 110 and 130 cm.

New muzzle specifically designed to allow the three circular rubbers to align rather than overlap, in order to ease maneuverability.