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Become PADI Certified

Join the #1 scuba certification in Orange County, California program! 

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. Get your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver course (see also our PADI Open Water Diver Semi-Private and Private courses!) – the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this course.

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must be 15 years old or older (10-15 year old's will be directed to the Private program). You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Complete the course online!


* If gifting please put in notes as well as name and email of who it is for. 



PADI's Online Training program is designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You will complete the academics online. You'll have this completed prior to your arrival to class on your first night! 


In the PADI Open Water Diver course, you learn to use basic SCUBA equipment, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and a tank. The required equipment for you to purchase is the mask, fins, snorkel, booties and gloves. Beach Cities Scuba will provide you with the basic SCUBA equipment to get your started off on the right foot!

Pool Training

When you're fitted with your scuba equipment you can begin your pool training. Your instructor will put into practice the techniques you learned in the academics program. Your training dives will be logged and approved by your instructor before you move on to open water.

Open Water Training

Get ready to experience everything you've learned with the freedom of open water. As soon as your open water training dives are approved by your instructor you will be a certified diver. PADI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

We have the option of diving from shore at the #1 dive site in Orange County known as Shaw's Cove. Or, you can select the easier option of diving from a boat with our crew on the Riviera. Enjoy beautiful Southern California in style as you visit dives sites in Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente. Visit places that are hard to reach from shore that include Broadway reef, Monarch Point, Deadman's Reef, Wood's Cove deep reefs and much, much more! See our dive sites here!

Your adventure awaits, get started today!

PADI Open Water eLearning
1 Reservation on the Riviera (2 boat dives)

Additional Purchase of RDP Crewpak required

** Dates below are your academic and pool session dates. You will select your Open Water dates with your instructor.

2023 Group Program Class Schedules – Oceanside (First date is orientation 6pm and second date is pool 10 am to 6 pm) **

JAN 7, 8 APR 29, 30 AUG 2, 5
JAN 21, 22 MAY 10, 13 AUG 16, 19 FULL
FEB 4, 5 MAY 24, 27 AUG 30, SEP 2 FULL
FEB 18, 19 JUN 7, 10 SEP 13, 16 
MAR 4, 5 JUN 21, 24 SEP 27, 30
MAR 18, 19 JUL 5, 8 OCT 11, 14
APR 1, 2 JUL 19, 22 OCT 25, 28
APR 15, 16

2023 Group Program Class Schedules – Dana Point and Laguna Beach (First date is orientation at 6 pm, second date is pool from 8 am to 5 pm) **

JAN 4, 7 JUN 7, 10 SEP 13, 16 FULL
JAN  18, 21 JUN 21, 24 SEP 27, 30 
FEB 1, 4 JUL 5, 8 OCT 11, 14
FEB 15, 18 JUL 19, 22 OCT 25, 28
MAR 1, 4 AUG 2, 5 NOV 8, 11
MAR 15, 18 AUG 16, 19 FULL NOV 22, 25
MAR 29, APR 1 AUG 30, SEP 1 FULL DEC 6, 9
APR 12, 15
APR 26, 29
MAY 10, 13
MAY 24, 27


2023 Group Program Class Schedules – Cypress (First date is orientation at 6 pm, second date is pool from 10 am to 6 pm) **

JAN 11, 15 MAY 31, JUN 4 SEP 20, 24 FULL
JAN 25, 29 JUN 28, JUL 2 OCT 4, 8
FEB 8, 12 JUL 12, 16 OCT 18, 22
FEB 22, 26 JUL 26, 30 NOV 1, 5
MAR 8, 12 AUG 9, 13 FULL

NOV 15, 19

MAR 22, 26 AUG 23, 27 FULL NOV 15, 19
APR 5, 9 SEP 6, 10 FULL

NOV 29, DEC 3

APR 19, 23
MAY 3, 7
MAY 17, 21


2023 Group Program Class Schedules – Huntington Beach / Newport Beach (First date is orientation at 6 pm, second date is pool from 8 am to 5 pm) **

JAN 11, 15 MAY 3, 7 SEP 6, 10 FULL
JAN 25, 29 MAY 17, 21 SEP 20, 24 FULL
FEB 8, 12 MAY 31, JUN 4 OCT 4, 8
FEB 8, 12 JUN 14, 18 OCT 18, 22
FEB 22, 26 JUN 28, JUL 2 NOV 1, 5
MAR 8, 12 JUL 12, 16 NOV 15, 19
MAR 22, 26 JUL 26, 30 NOV 29, DEC 3
APR 5, 9 AUG 9, 13 DEC 13, 17
APR 19, 23 AUG 23, 27 FULL DEC 27, 31


** Dates are your academic and pool session dates. You will select your Open Water dates with your instructor.

How do I sign up? 

1. First, you'll want to pay for your appropriate PADI Open Water Diver course in the group setting (spaces are limited), the PADI Semi-Private Open Water Course (have control of your Open Water Dives), or the PADI Private Open Water Diver Course (tailored schedule and individualized attention to meet your needs). 

2. We will send you paperwork and a confirmation email once you have signed up. This will include the required paperwork, your dates, and a plan for you to either pick up your books or receive your e-learning codes. 

3. Once you receive the email, YOU ARE IN! We'll get you started at your earliest convenience and being the first step into the world of scuba diving!

Get started today! Sign up, get online and let's get to diving!!!!

Complete the course online! GET STARTED ONLINE

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Headed out on vacation? Want to finish what you started overseas or in another state and would like to complete it with us? No problem! 

The PADI referral program is here to help! We'll verify your paperwork for incoming referrals and give you a quote and a list of what you need to finish up! 

If you are outbound to an amazing vacation, we can take you as far as you want us to and then refer to you another dive training shop overseas or somewhere else in the country! 

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