$ 155.00 USD

Riffe Blue Water Bungee Floatline Assembly

When targeting larger fish, a Bungee Float line is ideal to help absorb the tension put on a float line once a fish is on. This also aids in tiring the fish and helps prevent tear out. The RIFFE bungee stretches 2 1/2 times its length with a 680lb (308kg) test Nylon line core (Black only).

Can be used separately or in combination with Vinyl and/or SpectraFusion Float Lines. Made in the USA.


  • High grade synthetic rubber
  • Stretches 2.5x its length
  • 680 lb. (308kg) test Nylon core
  • includes (2) Quick Clips, (2) Shackles, and (2) Swivels
  • Stainless steel parts

Available Lengths:

  • 25ft (7.6m) - (B-4030)
  • 50ft (15.2m) - (B-4035)
  • 75ft (22.9m) - (B-4040)
  • 100ft (30.5m) - (B-4045)

Blue Water Bungee Float Lines are not for use around sharp surfaces.