$ 179.00 USD

Bridge Inflatable Gangway

Seac Bridge is the inflatable gangway designed to support the spear fisherman on the dive site. Equipped with useful straps for shoulder transportation. The lateral straps as well as the criss-crossed elastic straps and the roomy forepeak pocket allow transport of all necessary gear for Spearfishing. The color is a high visibility fluorescent yellow. Seac Bridge is inflated by 3 independent PVC air chambers. 25mt line and front flag (70 cm high) are included in the packaging. Size 95 x 70 cm. >>> SPARE PARTS: air chambers, n°3 pieces cod. 97-9.

Equiptment Transportation

Lateral straps, criss-crossed elastic strap and roomy forepeak pocket to carry the gear to the dive site.

Included Accessories

Equipped with pole and diver flag 70 cm high, 3 independent PVC air chambers and 25 meter line.

Size and Visibility

The wide surface 95 x 70 cm, provides plenty of rooom while finning towards the dive site and rest when necessary. Color is high visibility fluorescent yellow

Easy Transportation

Equipped with comfortable carrying shoulder straps