$ 189.00 USD

Set Tris Motus S/BL Freediving Set

This freediving set includes the Motus Freediving Fins, One Mask, and Jet Snorkel. 

Motus Freediving Fins

The Seac Motus long fins are loved by freedivers and underwater fishermen from their first experience thanks to the outstanding comfort of the foot pocket and the ease of finning. The 22° angle between the blade and foot pocket optimizes thrust with minimum effort. The Seac Motus freediving and spearfishing fins are easy to put on thanks to the full foot pocket that is made in a double thermoplastic material: a harder rubber for the sole and a softer one for the back of the foot. For an optimal fit we recommend using 2-3mm thick neoprene socks (such as the Seac Standard 2.5mm and Seac Anatomic Camo 3.5mm) with the Seac Motus fins of the same size as the shoes you use daily. The Seac Motus long fin blade offers excellent reactivity with lots of propulsive force. The blades are interchangeable and available in black and 5 camouflage colours perfect for every underwater fishing need: grey, green, brown, red and blue. The feeling of great comfort makes it possible to use the Seac Motus long fins all day, making them ideal for diving and during intensive fin training for dynamic apnea. 


  • Innovative closed-shoe free diving fins
  • Comfortable full foot pocket. Fins can be worn barefoot or using neoprene socks.
  • Interchangeable blade made from special techno polymer that maximizes flexibility and reactivity
  • 22-degree angle between blade and foot optimizes thrust power with less effort
  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density

Optimal Fit

The 2-material foot pocket ensures optimum foot comfort without losing any of its efficiency when finning.

Interchanable Blade

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of different blades in Camuflage or Carbon colour

Power on the Move

The 22° angle between the foot pocket and the blade guarantees maximum thrust with less fatigue for the legs and ankles

One Mask

The Seac One is a mask that has been designed for scuba diving, but is equally at home when being used for Snorkelling, Free Diving and Spearfishing. It is a diving mask with two symmetrical tempered glass lenses, polycarbonate structure and an anatomical skirt made of hypollergenic liquid silicone. The strap is easy to adjust thanks to the "Easy Touch" buckle with release button. The Seac One Mask also benefits from being able to take optical lenses (sold separately), allow you to customise the mask to your own prescription. It is available in 5 versions, 4 of which with transparent silicone and one with black silicone, which makes the Seac One an ideal mask for spearfishing.


  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN: the Seac One scuba mask features an anatomical skirt made of high quality hypoallergenic liquid silicone that follows the shape of the face and sensitive to the skin
  • PRESCRIPTION LENSES: Seac One easily becomes a prescription scuba mask thanks to optical lenses for myopia (nearsightedness) from -1.0 to -6.0 (sold separately, according to your prescription)
  • PRACTICAL AND RESISTANT: polycarbonate frame, symmetrical lenses in tempered glass, resistant strap and easy to adjust thanks to the buckle with "Easy Touch" system
  • PROTECTIVE CASE: Seac One has a special transparent case that can also be used for other diving masks
  • Seac SUB QUALITY: Seac One is an underwater mask designed for recreational diving, snorkelling Free Diving and, is very popular with Spearfishers in the black silicone version

Jet Snorkel

A classic contoured J-shape diving snorkel, the Seac Jet is ideal for free diving as well as deep-sea spear fishing. It features a durable, flexible preformed corrugated PVC tube with an excellent shape memory that returns to its original shape after bending against objects such as rocks, coral, and overhangs. It's complemented by a silicone mouthpiece housed in an ABS body that features a comfortable ergonomic fit. Founded in Italy in 1971, Seac proudly continues to take the lead in producing high-quality diving gear and ensures that each and every product is individually verified and tested.


  • Contoured J-shape diving snorkel ideal for free diving and deep spear fishing
  • Durable, flexible preformed corrugated PVC tube with an excellent shape memory
  • Returns to original after bending against undersea objects
  • Silicone mouthpiece housed with comfortable ergonomic fit
  • Silicone mouthpiece with comfortable ergonomic fit