$ 269.00 USD

Seac SZ 5000 is an underwater light characterized by high luminous power up to 4200 Lumens, ideal for both reef night diving or in environments where full visibility is required (cave or wrecks), and for underwater photographers. Despite being a very powerful light, its dimensions are relatively small: 65 mm in diameter and 178 mm in length enabling the diver to store in a BCD pocket or simply attach anywhere. The Seac SZ 5000 is made of high-strength aluminum with tempered optical glass lens and watertight NBR O-ring gasket. The light beam, with a width of 12 °, is 3 CREE SST 40 LEDs and adjustable from 1500 Lumens to 4200 Lumens. The burn-time is 2.5 hours at minimum power and 1 hour at maximum power. The flashlight is powered by an internal 7800 mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable via USB-C (charge indicator on the battery itself). Seac SZ 5000 also has a flashing light function useful as an alarm / call to other divers. The electromagnetic switch is equipped with a safety lock to avoid switching on accidentally.