$ 20.90 USD

  • Foldable, practical and durable snorkel in black hypoallergenic silicone
  • Perfect during scuba diving. It folds with one hand and easily fits into the jacket pockets.
  • Perfect for those who practice underwater diving in apnea, to be combined with a reduced volume mask.
  • Perfect for snorkeling activities. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfort even after several hours of use.
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece and clip to fasten it fast to the mask strap or to the GAV

The Seac Top Flex is the multi-purpose Seacsub snorkel that combines ergonomics and practicality. Divers who enjoy recreational diving will appreciate it for the ease with which you can fold and place the tube in the jacket pockets. The freedivers can combine with the most common "low volume" underwater masks in black and store or fasten them fast in case it is not needed. Those who practice snorkeling will notice the ergonomics and comfort of the snorkel, even during very long sessions.