$ 123.95 USD

Eagleye RayBlocker-HD Mask

Exclusive benefits of SeaDive vision-enhancement lenses.

For over seven years, SeaDive has developed and field-tested, anti-reflective (ARC) mask coatings on tempered glass. Standard tempered glass has at least a 4% rate of reflection which can distort underwater vision.  SeaDive’s ARC coatings allow almost 100% transmission of light to the diver’s eyes.  SeaDive has an exclusive application and laboratory fabrication process to create these unique mask coatings. 


  • RayBlocker-HD coatings allow almost 100% light passage which provides higher definition (HD) vision underwater.
  • Light entering the lens is refined by Sharper Image Technology, a RayBlocker exclusive, for a brighter, sharper image.
  • Reduces harmful UV rays and glare.
  • Inside coating is a blue tint that reduces eye strain for very comfortable viewing.
  • Our most popular RayBlocker model!
  • Easy-adjust buckles are attached directly to the mask skirt for a better, more comfortable seal (non-purge model)
  • The single lens provides an unobstructed field of view
  • Also available with purge valve
  • Fog resistant coating