$ 1,075.00 USD

Shearwater Tern TX + Swift Computer Combo

The Tern and Tern TX dive computer by Shearwater has been specifically designed for sport divers, boasting powerful, simple, and reliable features that make it stand out from the rest. It is the most compact dive computer that Shearwater has ever brought to the market. The watch-style form factor, along with the 1.3” diameter AMOLED screen, provides crystal-clear visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, making it easier than ever for divers to keep track of their crucial information. The Tern dive computer offers Shearwater’s renowned user interface that provides divers with at-a-glance access to vital data. This ensures a safer and more enjoyable diving experience for enthusiasts. The Tern is depth-rated to 120 meters and tested to engineering EN standards for dive computer compliance. It supports Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive modes, making it an ideal option for anyone seeking a compact sport-diving computer. According to Jason Leggatt, CEO of Shearwater Research Inc., "The Tern is an affordable option for anyone seeking a compact sport-diving computer. Building upon the success of the Peregrine and borrowing features from the Teric, the Tern makes a great addition to our product line. We are excited to bring this product to the market, delivering precision information on a brilliant display. The Tern is designed and built in Canada, with a focus on providing superior diving experiences for enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Amoled Screen Technology

  • 1.3” Screen Size

  • Toughened Glass

  • Wireless Rechargeable Li-Ion

  • Bluetooth 

  • About 20 Hours of Battery Life

  • Depth Rating 120m / 394ft


  • Air, Nitrox, 3-Gas Nitrox,
  • Gauge. Freedive