$ 250.00 USD

9000 Series First Stage Regulator

Innovation at its best is the way to explain the function of the Sherwood First Stage Regulator. The first stage regulator incorporates Sherwood's Dry Sealed Spring. This simple yet unique design has a flow-by piston that mechanically balances the air of the first stage ensuring excellent breathing characteristics at full or low cylinder pressures. Balanced flow-by piston design, which is a fail-safe mechanism, with a patented dry seal internal mechanism to keep the intricate components clean and contaminate free no matter what kind of environment you dive it in, constructed from marine grade chrome plated brass for long life and durability.

The dry seal function allows the regulator is increase the intermediate pressure of the regulator without messy oils or grease as with more sophisticated designs. This added benefit makes the regulator virtually uncontaminated from the environment of salt, sand or chlorine internally, which makes it the choice of most repair technicians. The first stage is equipped with two 7/16" threaded high pressure (HP) ports and four 3/8" threaded low pressure (LP) ports for addition of gauges and LP accessories; this is one work horse first stage regulator. Tee-shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank minimizing opportunity to make-contact-with-the-back-of-the-head. First stage has a high capacity inlet filter for smooth delivery of air to the second stage. Nitrox compatible to 40% oxygen out-of-the-box.


  • Sherwood 1st Stage Regulator Only:
  • Sherwood's Dry Sealed Spring Design
  • Keeps Intricate Components Clean and Contaminate Free
  • Mechanically Balanced Flow-By Piston
  • Flow-By Piston: "Fail Safe" Mechanism
  • Excellent Breathing Characteristics at Full or Low Cylinder Pressures
  • Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass for Long Life and Durability
  • No Messy Oils or Grease as with More Sophisticated Designs
  • Environmentally Sealed w/o the Mess!
  • Two 7/16" Threaded High Pressure (HP) Ports
  • Four 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Ports
  • Tee-Shaped Design: Reduces Regulator Profile, Minimizing Opportunity to Contact Back of Head
  • High Capacity Inlet Filter for Smooth Delivery of Air to Second Stage
  • Nitrox Compatible: Yes, Up To 40%