$ 85.00 USD

Compass Module

This is a feature-rich and functional liquid filled compass manufactured by Sherwood. The convenient side window allows quick reference of large, easy to read bearing indicators on a luminescent display for gun-sight accuracy. Divers who prefer relative navigation, will appreciate the ratchet bezel that can be rotated easily even with thick neoprene gloves. The compass' luminous dial is designed with a half black / half luminous graphic to make quick work of compass direction, especially in dim light. The compass card rests on a precision jeweled bearing and incorporates extremely strong magnets for super-quick response and accuracy. While the compass module itself is very compact, the housing has a large vertical interior allowing viewing angles that would stop other compasses in their tracks. The compass bezel has compass headings in 30° numbered increments and indicator marks for every 10°. Bezel has twin heading indicators for alignment of compass course and a lubber line across the compass face.


  • Fits Multiple Consoles such as Sherwood Scuba Insight and Profile; Oceanic, Aqua Lung, Aeries consoles as well
  • Proprietary design ensures quick response and smooth movement
  • Luminescent floating card absorbs light and glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than other materials
  • High visibility lubber line & Large ratcheting bezel

Hose Mount: 

  •  Will mount onto any regulator, pressure gauge or buoyancy compensator hose
  • Improved luminescent floating dial absorbs light and glows 7 times
    faster and longer than other compasses