$ 210.00 USD

Remora Octo

Where do I put my Octo? 

The answer to this question just got a whole lot easier with the Remora Octopus from Sherwood Scuba. 

The Remora Octopus comes standard with a magnetic octopus keeper. So no matter what BC you use, you always have a place to mount your Octopus. Easy to install and easy to use, the magnetic octopus keeper allows the diver to know where their octopus is at all times. 

Another unique feature of the Remora Octopus that should not be overlooked is how streamlined the Remora is compared to other alternate 2nd stages. With the mouthpiece located inline with the hose, the Remora is half the size of it’s peers.


  • Streamline Octo, with inline mouthpiece
  • Dual Exhaust Vents
  • Hi-Vis Yellow 36" Hose
  • Magnetic Octo Keeper
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • The Remora is suitable for water temperatures warmer than 50oF (10oC)