$ 79.95 USD

SpearPro 3.5in Ranger Dagger

The SpearPro Ranger line of knives is a result of several years of testing blades and handle shapes to satisfy the most demanding divers. 

We used a specific grade of heat treated stainless steel, capable of cutting through stainless steel cable, monofilament, and dyneema lines. We used a full tang blade so that the knife has a good weight to it. The sheath was designed to lock the knife properly in place.


  • The spear extractor is strategically placed in the middle of the handle for ease of use.
  • The blade was also outfitted with an extremely sharp line cutter for emergencies.
  • Knives come as Teflon coated for corrosion resistance as well as polished for an even better corrosion resistance. We spared no expense in producing these blades.
  • Various colors available. 
  • 3.5" Blade , 7.5" Overall Length
  • All Ranger Knives comes standard with a locking Sheath, Rubber leg straps, and a Lanyard.
  • The Ranger knives are designed in the USA and made in Italy.