$ 9.95 USD

Mask Prep Kit

“Sea” Clearly with this EcoConscious Mask Scrub & Defog made with only the safest ingredients for our planet. Stream2Sea Mask Scrub & Defog is everything you need to prep and condition new mask lenses and to recondition older ones!

  • Reef-friendly, Non-toxic
  • Professional Strength
  • Biodegradable reef safe formula

For new and old masks. Not for plastic lenses.
Contains Mask Defog 0.5 oz & Mask Scrub 0.5 oz


Mask Scrub Directions: Apply to dry interior lens and skirt surface then rinse well. Repeat as needed and finally apply defog for crystal clear vision! Caution: Do not use on plastic or coated lenses. Avoid eye contact. Not for internal use. Mask Defog Directions for Dive Mask & Goggles: Apply a small amount on the inside of the lenses. Use your finger to rub completely over the lens. Add a small amount of water, and rub the defog to remove any streaks. Pour the liquid out when ready to dive. Some bubbles remaining are good. Other Uses: For safety goggles, ski goggles, sports masks and more, apply a small amount on the inside of the lenses and lightly rinse or gently buff with soft lens cloth.

Product Story

Confession: My spit is defective.  It doesn’t matter how much I prepare my mask, either. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, “toothpasted”, flamed, and scrubbed some more.  I always fog.

So, I jumped into the lab and whipped up a batch using our tested and proven eco-safe ingredients. I like my defog a little more thick and believe the guar gum can also leave a slight film on the lens to help reduce fogging.  It worked great for me, so I started giving out samples to friends and Divemasters – they all loved it!

Our ecosafe Mask Defog is based off of our shampoo that is tested to be biodegradable and safe for fish AND it works brilliantly!  Testimonials have been rolling in that it holds up to multiple dives, and our bottles are sustainably made from sugarcane resins and recycled plastics. Our mask defog is just another way to protect what we love and see clearly while doing so!

– Autumn Blum, Founder and CEO, Stream2Sea