$ 18.95 USD

Neck Gaitor

 Was Once A Plastic Jug!

Stretchy, lightweight, cooling on the skin, windproof, breathable material made with 100% recycled polyester that can be worn as a dust, sun (UPF 40+) protection for your face and more! Includes stretchy ear loops to keep the gaiter comfortably over mouth and nose.

Made from recycled fishing nets, plastic jugs and other discarded plastic waste material.

Our neck gaiters are not only stylish but they offer excellent coverage for any outdoor activity. They are designed to block UV rays by featuring UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for topnotch defense against the sun. On top of all of that our chemical-free fabric, sourced from recycled polyester is reef friendly and has exceptional durability.

The neck gaiters are a wonderful addition to our safe sunscreen while giving you the extra sun protection you deserve.