$ 139.00 USD

HyFlex SWITCH Pro Fin Blade

The TUSA HyFlex SWITCH Pro (Blade Only) offers a 20% stiffer blade compound over the standard HyFlex SWITCH blade, designed for professional and advanced divers. The TUSA HyFlex SWITCH Pro blade may be adapted to the TUSA HyFlex fin system. Replace your HyFlex Vesna or HyFlex Switch fin blades with the TUSA HyFlex SWITCH Pro blade for a more powerful kick.


  • Compatible fin blade option for TUSA HyFlex fins
  • SWITCH Pro blade offers a 20% stiffer blade compound for the advanced diver
  • Available fin blade only
  • Includes 3mm allen-wrench (1), screws (4), o-rings (4), and nuts (4)