$ 299.00 USD

Aqualite Multi Light

For the curious reef explorer who wants to see marine life at its best, this multi-colored LED light is a perfect choice.  Two levels of white light allow you to view reef creatures under ledges or at night in full color. Red illumination is great for spotting creatures that run from white light and avoid those which are attracted to white. The UV395 beam light causes some animals to flash colors that you will never see any other way. In case of emergency punch the rear selector button to flasher mode. Don’t forget to use the wide-angle diffuser for video and still.  Because the lithium-ion battery is removable, you can carry a spare for all-day diving without recharge. The Aqualite family of grips and photo arms are all compatible.


  • Choose white, red, or UV395 LED light output by pressing the selector button on the rear of the light
  • Change the beam angle from narrow to wide by dropping in the wide-angle filter lens - 20° narrow for general diving; 70° wide for medium to close-up video and photography
  • Select between white (low and high), emergency blinking, red or UV395 by pressing the oversize rear button even while wearing heavy gloves.
  • LEDs last a lifetime and will not break when dropped
  • Large rechargeable 21700 size lithium-ion battery can be removed so you can carry multiples and not have to recharge during a trip.
  • Smart charger with level indicator and micro USB connection charges both 21700 and 18650 lithium-ion batteries
  • Removable pistol-style hand grip and lanyard included
  • Rugged ¼-20 threaded accessory mount
  • Tough thermal conductive engineering grade plastic housing cannot corrode as aluminum does over time
  • Package includes Aqualite MULTI Dive Light, 1 lithium-Ion battery, USB charger, micro-USB charge cord, lanyard, pistol grip and user manual.


  • Model: Aqualite MULTI Rechargeable
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.86 in diameter x 5.6 in long
  • Battery Type: 1 Rech Lithium-Ion 21700
  • Lamp Type: 1 White, 1 Red, 1 UV395 LED
  • Lumens: 500/700 (white)
  • Burn Time: 5.1/1.7 hour
  • Weight: 8 oz / 226 g
  • Depth Rating: 300 ft / 91 m