$ 132.00 USD

What do you get when you blend the best design features of the industry’s leading fins? Phenomenal performance! Introducing Phenom, XS Scuba’s high-performance fin for scuba diving.


  • Phenom fins start with an iconic blade design that creates super channels on both the upstroke and downstroke. The channels direct the water longitudinally down the length of the blade, preventing spillover the side ribs.
  • The blade is attached to a soft, comfortable foot pocket at the mid-foot position, as opposed to the front. This prevents hyper-extension of the toes and ankle and allows the entire foot to be used while diving the fin.
  • Stretch Straps, with large finger loops and quick-release buckles, are comfortable, secure and convenient
  • Raised ribs on the foot plate alleviate the suction effect when taking off the fins
  • Molded from a proprietary composite material coupled with thermoplastic rubber, the Phenom Fins take comfort and efficiency to a whole new level.