$ 45.00 USD

RayBlocker™ Corrective Lenses

RayBlocker Corrective Lenses are symmetrical so they can be installed in either the left-hand or right-hand position. They are available in 0.5 diopter increments from -1.5 to -6.5. Positive diopter lenses are not available.

Installation Procedure

Before installing the lenses, be sure that the edges of the lenses are clean, as well as the receiving channels in the silicone skirt. Remove any lint or hair. Carefully lay the lenses into the receiving channels of the silicone mask skirt. Make sure that they are laying flat and that the silicone mask skirt has come up around the edges of the lenses. Lay the subframe on top of the lenses. Using your thumbs and the adjacent insertion sequence diagram, begin pressing down on each corresponding pair of barbs to engage them into the mask’s main frame. Start with the “1”s, move to the outside to engage the “2”s and so on. Confirm that all 8 of the subframe barbs engage the mainframe. If you have difficulty, your local dive store can assist.