$ 365.00 USD

Triton BC

The Triton BC is a non weight-integrated, wrap-around style jacket. While it will certainly be favored by lockers, schools and resorts because of its price and features, it does not look institutional or entry level in any way. In fact, quite the contrary. It is stylish and feature-rich. It is a BC that you will be proud to display in your retail store. We invite you to compare these features with other BCs in this category.

  • The air cell is made from 1000 denier material for maximum wear and abrasion resistance

  • Available in 5 sizes XS – XL

  • An external sizing tag, which can be removed if not wanted, is useful in locker situations

  • The two-piece cummerbund can be adjusted for size or be replaced with a different size altogether

  • Chest strap – included

  • Lower, rear dump valve – included

  • Right shoulder pull dump – included

  • 2 large utility pockets are available for your accessories

  • Includes 3 large D-rings to attach your favorite accessories

  • A scooped opening on the top front of the right lobe is perfect for stowing and deploying an octopus. The octopus remains visible and secure throughout the dive.

  • Some divers may find it useful to run their instruments behind the left pocket and out the scooped opening on the top, front of the left lobe. This keeps the instruments streamlined and in front of you at all times

  • Triton’s stability is provided by a back pack with an integrated carry handle

  • The compressed foam back pad provides comfort

  • An integrated positioning strap allows you to set your Triton with your preferred cylinder height dive after dive

  • Comes standard with XS Scuba’s Micro inflator, a drift pin design that increases reliability by not relying on an internal schraeder valve

  • Download BC Owner's Manual

  • The Triton comes in 5 sizes: Size Chart