Brand - JBL

JBL Spearguns brings the passion for the ocean to the world. Created in 1981 by Joseph Benjamin Lamonica, JBL Spearguns is a spearfishing company focused on providing the best spear guns to the predators of the deep sea. With its timeless design, premium materials, legendary accuracy, and bullet-proof durability, JBL guns have been helping spearfishers catch their prey shot after shot.

Lamonica created his first speargun while a student in high school in 1947. It was a crude weapon that allowed him to hunt off Orange County coast and led him to a life of spearfishing and inventing spearfishing equipment. Lamonica wanted to create the perfect tool for harvesting fish: powerful, ready, adaptable, sleek and user-friendly, and in the late 60's the first JBL speargun was born. For over 40 years JBL has been focused on creating unmatched spearfishing equipment for hardcore spearos and other predators of the deep. JBL spearguns have a well-deserved reputation for legendary accuracy and bullet-proof durability.
$272.00 CAD
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