Brand - Sea Sniper

Sea Sniper was originally founded in 2003 by freedivers Chris Chaput, Daniel van Huysteen, and Chay Ochoa in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission was to provide innovative products to the worldwide spearfishing community. Guided spearfishing trips to Baja California were also provided in the early days.

Today, Sea Sniper remains in the bay area and has evolved into a full-blown speargun manufacturer. Chris Chaput runs the show with several years of woodworking under his belt, as well as amateur guitar building experience. Anyone who knows Chris, knows he thinks outside the box – always striving to improve on existing designs while constantly innovating. His approach to building guns stems from his passion for spearfishing. His experience ranges from hunting halibut in 3′ vis here in Northern California, to hunting giant pelagics in the blue waters off Mexico and beyond. All his experiences play a role in the design of each speargun he builds. Next time you’re in the water hunting flatties in NorCal or pargo down in Baja, look for him in the water.
$819.00 CAD $1,000.00 CAD