Brand - Ocean Reef

Our over and underwater brand.

OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders.

OceanReefGroup began to take root at the end of the 1940s – right after the end of WWII – and penetrated deeply in Genova’s territory as it intertwined with the big brand names of the diving industry.

The Gamberini family, at that time, owned a small tire repair shop in the heart of Genova.  Like many stories of success, hard work is supported by passion.

It is passion that drove Giorgio and Ruggero Gamberini. Passion that animated their experiments with rubber that ended up attracting the attention of a mythical person at the time: Commander Ferraro – The Professor – who’s story would deserve a book on it’s own thanks to his military scuba endeavours during the war. He become one of very few, living, recipients of the Military Gold Medal – highest recognition of the Italian Navy.

Ferraro was in the middle of designing his first rubber masks and fins for scuba diving and swimming when he reached out to the Gamberini brothers because of their expertise with this new material.  Shortly after, the two brothers (with the addition of the third brother – Gianni), were contacted by Egidio and Nanni Cressi, as they, too, were caught up in designing their first products to open up the underwater world to the masses.

From these first steps the Cressi brothers founded modern Cressi-Sub and Ferraro founded Technisub. These successful partnerships attracted a third famous personality: a young, Istrian refugee called Ludovico Mares, with whom, the Gamberini brothers would go on to found Mares.

Brands that not only have made the history of scuba diving – they generated the scuba industry.  The collaboration with these innovators is one of the reasons why the Gamberini’s have specialized in OEM production for rubber products for so long .

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