Brand - Zeagle


Zeagle supports military, comercial and public safety divers around the world. Our tested and trusted line of Berry Compliant BCDs include the Ranger, Ranger LTD, Stiletto, Zena, SAR and the 911 BCD. The Berry Amendment (Title 10, Section 2533a of the U.S Code) requires the Department of Defense to operate with American-made products. But no matter what Zeagle BCD you’re diving, rest assured that the entire line is made to serve those who risk their lives and dare to go where others don’t.

Over 40 years ago, skydiver Dennis Bulin had an idea. Taking design cues from his two favorite activities-skydiving and scuba-the adrenaline junkie wanted to take the ripcord from his chute and apply it to his BCD.

After some trial and error, he applied the same ripcord tech in skydiving to Buoyancy Compensators in scuba diving-and just like that, Zeagle was born. Forged from originality and innovation, Zeagle has been doing things its own way ever since.

In the 1980s, we launched the industry’s first Ripcord Release System. In the ’90s, we patented our Personal Fit System™. Later, we shifted the industry even further with our focus on stainless-steel hardware and ballistic materials in the production of our sturdy, workhorse gear.

We scrutinize every stitch, every material and every solution. Our gear is purposeful-built to perform in theaters of war-where durability is king. Built on innovation, refined over decades, Zeagle challenges the norm in pursuit of tougher, tested, more trusted dive gear.

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