Beach Cities Scuba has 30+ years of professionalism when it comes to procurement for military, police, fire and lifeguard units all over the world. From units abroad to our local law enforcement, Beach Cities Scuba strives for perfection when servicing the individuals that serve our local communities and  mission critical areas for our military.


Military Diver Beach Cities Scuba             

You'll receive premium pricing for contracts, head-of-line privileges for services and technician needs, quality equipment from over 30 PSD oriented suppliers. 

As a minority-owned, veteran-led organization, Beach Cities Scuba goes above and beyond the call of duty for our government entities. 

Additionally, the managers of the Government Sales Division are all former military. So, there is a familiar person on the other end of the line when it comes to working with Beach Cities Scuba.       

 Military Divers Beach Cities Scuba        
Registered SBE/DVBE 
Registered OCLSB 2022681
DUNS 020031176
MSgt David J. Mansfield, USMC (ret) Phone (714) 527-1500
John G. Moss, USN Phone (949) 443-3858
LCpl Ken Roach, USMC (ret) Phone (949) 650-5440


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