Crystal Cove State Park, Southern California

Southern California is home to some amazing scuba diving all along the coastline. Whether you are enjoying a beautiful boat dive or hitting the shoreline, you're guaranteed to see some of the most amazing things on your dives.

Some favorites in our waters are Giant Black Sea Bass, White Sea Bass, Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Dolphins, Sheepshead, Garibaldi, passing Whales, Sea Turtles, and much more!

Here are some of our favorite dive sites! 

Dive Sites - Orange County Site info
Anaheim Bay Breakwater Near the Naval Base, easy entry/exits.
Bolsa Chica
State Marine Reserve, excellent areas!
Huntington Beach
9.5 miles of beach! 
Newport Pier
Canyon areas available to explore.
"The Wedge"
Big surf site, better hunting.
Corona Del Mar
Close to Newport Harbor!
Little Corona
Part of Corona Del Mar!
Horse Ranch
Crystal Cove Dive site.
Crystal Cove Underwater Park
Large Underwater Park reserve!
Reef Point/Scotchman's Cove
Crystal Cove Dive site.
Crystal Cove Dive site.
Historic Anchor
Crystal Cove Dive site.
Irvine Cove
Private, but fun!
Emerald Bay
Private area, but fun to dive!
Crescent Bay (Seal Rock)
Come see the sea lions!
Deadman's Reef
Great Riviera Boat Dive!
Shaw's Cove
#1 Dive Site in Orange County!
Fisherman's Cove
Large Kelp Beds located here. 
Diver's Cove
Enjoy bat rays and halibuts!
Picnic Beach
Healthy Kelp Beds here!
Rocky Beach
Just like the name, tons of rock! 
Heisler Park
Kelp, kelp, kelp.
Main Beach
Great place to check out lobsters!
Cleo Street Barge
A sunken barge to explore!
Broadway Reef
A Riviera favorite!
Cress Street
Explore some amazing reef areas!
Wood's Cove
Riviera takes you to deep reefs!
Moss Point
Home to some amazing kelp beds. 
Victoria Street
Private and fun as can be!
Treasure Island
Riviera Accessible!
Aliso Beach
Big surf, but bigger exploratory areas.
Thousand Steps (Salt Creek)
Might be a long walk, but it's great hunting!
Monarch Point
Riviera Favorite!
Three Arch Bay
Enjoy underwater beauty!
A.C.E. Wreck
A SoCal premiere Wreck dive!
San Clemente Rocks
See the artificial reefs!
Sunset Wreck
Gary's Barge
Elsie I
Barge Rock
HB Trawler
HB Barge
Margaret F.
P38 Lightning
Izor's Reef


Catalina Island, Southern California


Dive Sites - Catalina Island! Site info
Land's End
Johnson's Rocks
Black Point
Parson's Landing

Arrow Point

Johnson's Landing
Indian Rocks
Emerald Bay & Sandy Beach
Howland's Landing
Big Geiger
Little Geiger
Eagle Reef
Eel Cove
Jake's Beach
Lion Head
Cherry Cove
4th of July Cove
Ship Rock
Isthmus Cove
Isthmus High Spot
Bird Rock
Harbor Reef
Big Fisherman's Cove
Blue Cavern Point
Sea Fan Grotto
Rock Quarry
Yellowtail Point (Halfway Reef)
Empire Landing
No Name Wreck
Ripper's Cove
Seal Point & Paradise Cove
Little Gibraltar Point
Eel Land & Goat Harbor
Twin Rocks
Little Goat
Italian Gardens
Long Point
Pirates Cove & Buttonshell Beach
Henrock Reef & Henrock Cove
White's Landing
Moonstone Cove
Torqua Springs
Toyon Bay
Frog Rock
Hamilton Cove
Descanso Beach
Valiant Wreck
Avalon Underwater Park
Sue-Jac Wreck
Avalon Bay
Lover's Cove
Pinnacle Rock
Little Farnsworth
Infidel Wreck
Rock Pile
Jewfish Point
Seal Rocks
Church Rock
Binnacle Rock
Silver Canyon Landing
Salta Verde Point
China Point
Farnsworth Banks
Ben Weston Point
Sentinel Rock
Ragger's Point
Little Harbor & Shark Harbor
Fred Rock
Pedestal Rock
Pin Rock
Catalina Harbor & Well's Beach

Catalina Head

Lobster Bay

Cape Cortes

Kelp Bay

Whale Rock

Ribbon Rock

Iron Bound Cove

Bull Rock

Eagle Rock

Starlight Wreck
Blue Cavern Wreck
Charles F. Crocker
S.N. Castle
Submarine dockage
Dreamer II
Diosa Mar


Sea Lions in Coronados Island, Mexico


Dive Sites - San Diego County Site info
San Diego - La Jolla Underwater Park
Scripps Canyon
La Jolla Shores
Marine Room
La Jolla Cove
Boomer Beach
Children's Pool
Hospital Point
Windansea Beach
HMCS Yukon
NOSC Tower
Ruby E
Sunset Cliffs
Point Loma Kelp Beds
USS Hogan
Train Wheels
The Lobster Shack, Coronados Island
Middle Grounds, Coronados Island
Kelp Ridge, Coronados Island
P38 Lightning
El Rey
Ingram Street Bridge
F-4 Phantom
High Seas
TBM Avenger
Lobster Wreck
Cape Charles
Deep Array
Polaris Tower


Scuba Diving in Southern California
Dive Sites - Other Great Southern California sites! Site info
Oil Rigs - Eureka, Ellen, Ellie
Olympic II Wreck
San Clemente Island
Santa Barbara Island
San Nicolas Island & Begg Rock
Palos Verdes Peninsula
Macassar Straits
USS Cabiildo
John C. Butler
No Name Tug
Gregory White Eagle
Sportboat Wreck
The Caissons
USS Moody
ACE I Wreck
Georgia Straits
FS Loop
14 Minute Wreck
February 19th Wreck
Southwest Wreck
Centennial (Dipley's)
Fog Wreck
East Fog Wreck
Chain Wreck
Monfalcone (Gambler)
Star of Scotland
Owens Wreck
Sailboat Wreck
Long Wharf
American Boy
Southern Lights
Jenny Lynne
Santa Clara
Radio Tower