Our story began in 1981 in a little office above a charity shop in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

Alan Harbottle and his small team had a big vision, to provide affordable gas analyzers for all markets who needed them. Fast forward almost 4 decades and that vision still stands, now with a bigger team and a substantially larger office!

When Analox began, we couldn’t have dreamt of how the company would evolve. We have been involved in some amazing projects throughout our history. It is truly incredible and something which fills our whole team with pride every day.

We take your challenge, mix it with our passion, add in a large slice of customer-centric working and create amazing gas sensing products.

Analox gas sensing systems are used across the globe in applications such as:

  • Agricultural research labs to combat methane release
  • Keeping our submariners safe with comprehensive submarine atmosphere monitoring systems
  • Deep-sea diving bells as we are the only company in the world who can monitor hydrocarbons at 300m under the sea in 95% RH
  • Space exploration with Analox oxygen (O2) sensors protecting astronauts
  • Breath analysis for patient diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Biomass plants to enable the production of green energy
  • Diners, bars and restaurants protecting staff from carbon dioxide (CO2) leaks
  • Hospitals with our oxygen (O2) monitors protecting key medical workers
  • Analox analyzers are used in many more industries and applications, take a look at our Markets page at the top for more information.
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