Brand - A.B. Biller

The A.B. Biller speargun, built in the U.S.A. and in use all over the world, has proven itself and the foremost production speargun on today’s market. The stainless steel trigger mechanism is unsurpassed in reliability and smooth action. The high grade grooved mahogany, teak, or padauk, barrel provides pinpoint accuracy, easy underwater maneuverability due to its neutral buoyancy and absorbs 80% of the firing noise a metal gun will create. The importance of noise elimination when firing a speargun under water is a well known fact to most experienced and successful spearfishermen.

All A.B. Biller spearguns are provided with a stainless spring steel shaft 5/16″ diameter, manufactured from a special alloy originally developed for the U.S. Navy. Heat treated to Rockwell 44C, these shafts produce a unique combination of hardness and spring tension. Two 9/16″ O.D. natural rubber slings with special stainless steel swiveling wishbone and a hardened stainless spring steel double barb swivel tip are standard with A.B. Biller spearguns. The A.B. Biller Company manufactures our spearguns in several variations and has provided the guns for many U.S. Nation and State Spearfishing Champions.

No matter how superior a speargun may be, the person using it remains the largest factor in safe and successful spearfishing. A weapon as it is should be used with care, respect for the environment and with sportsmanship.

$ 360.00 MXN
$ 14,583.00 MXN