$ 1,402.00 MXN

High-Grade Material

For reliability and durability that you can count on, the IST Rubber Rocket fins are the only true choice. Strong rubber material won't wear out or lose its stiffness, and the foot pocket offers an optimal fit that's comfortable and snug for minimal drag. For deep sea diving, open sea rescues or recreational spearfishing, these fins are the best option for reliable power.

Powerful Kick

The stiff blade and multiple grooves force water through the channels for a powerful thrust and maximum propulsion. The blade's curvature and structural ribs provide just enough maneuverability while maintaining strength for a springy kick.

SEALs and Special Ops

The IST Rubber Rocket fins are the #1 choice by U.S. military, making them the perfect choice for open-water rescue, salvage divers and more. With optimal mobility and maximum power, you can't get better than these super-strong fins.

  • Traditional Proven Design with Vents to Assist Efficiency and Water Flow
  • Special Blade Curvature and Varying Degrees of Blade Flexibility Produce Positive Thrust
  • Used by Military with Very Flexible and Power
  • Durable and Comfortable Rubber Fins
  • Easy to Maneuver and Made with High Quality Rubber